Polat Vakfı

Adnan Polat, Chairman of Polat Holding and Former President of Galatasaray Sports Club, met with the students of Galatasaray Nusaybin Sports Schools, opened in 2009, in the Nusaybin district of Mardin. Many students attended the meeting accompanied by Project Coordinator Şehmus Ak.

Speaking at the event where the students were hosted by Polat Holding, Adnan Polat said:

"We are glad to host the students of Galatasaray Nusaybin Sports Schools, the second oldest school of Galatasaray Sports Club. Galatasaray Nusaybin Sports School opened in 2009, having 6200 students in 14 years since its establishment, have raised four students from Nusaybin to the infrastructure of Galatasaray.


We currently have 800 students. Galatasaray Nusaybin Sports Schools teaches not only in the field of sports, also in other disciplines such as music for the social development of children. We'll continue our efforts to support the social development of our children, not only in Nusaybin, but also in other districts in Southeastern Anatolia. For this purpose, action was taken to establish indoor sports halls and soccer fields for children in Nusaybin. I am proud with all our teachers and school administrators for successfull work and contribution.”